Create the center of typhoon information, gathering information from many eyes


The zip code was updated to February 2011 version, solved bugs in the processing of the zip code database, and integrated the English (Roma-ji) version.


Typhoon Imagination, Typhoon Crowds, and Social Typhoon were released (Detail).


The name of the Web site was changed from "Eyes on the Typhoon" to "Eyephoon." The concept of the site - 1) gathering information from many eyes, 2) becoming the central place (eye) of typhoon information - has not changed, but we decided to choose a name that is easier to pronounce.


Typhoon Now! is released.


Twiphoon is released (Detail).


The mobile version of "Eyes on the typhoon," opened at the same time of Typhoon Front 2, was not given the official site name, but we decided to use Ketai-phoon as the name of the site in accordance with the host name "" Here "ketai" is the Japanese name of a "mobile phone."


Recently I was contacted that the submission system from mobile phones for Eyes on the Typhoon and Typhoon Front does not work properly. After studying the system I also confirmed that the system might have been stopped since the last winter, and an error mail was returned in spite of the submission. The reason is that I didn't maintain the system regularly, and garbage information (?) became too much at some place of the system. I was concerned about this problem, but I didn't check it a lot, and this led to the inconvenience of you for a long time. I suppose the system is recovered now after cleaning up the system, but please feel free to contact me if you find any problems.


A widget (blogparts) Typhoon Visual Report is released.


Typhoon Front received awards of Silver Prize in Academic Education Division, and Prize of Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, at AC+C'04 Award 2007 held by Web development and Web Marketing Consortium.


Typhoon Front was selected as 'Recommended Work by the Review Committee' in 11th Japan Media Arts Festival (more information).


Typhoon Front 2 was released (more information). The previous version "Typhoon Front 1" is still accessible at archives.


Due to the system trouble, the system has stopped for a long period of time. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


We found a problem in the accuracy of location for remote islands, so we improved the latitude and longitude to the level of zipcodes.


Eyes on the Typhoon and Typhoon Front has been stopped for a long period during the "Golden Week." This is because of the planned replacement of the system, and the unexpected failure of the server hardware happened at the same time. Sorry for the inconvenience, and the service is now returned to normal operation.


Eyes on the Typhoon can now display information on Google Maps. Please note that this is working on Firefox 2 but not on Internet Explorer 6. I hope it will work soon on both browsers. (PS 2007-02-23) In the end, I changed the way of processing information to avoid the bugs of Internet Explorer 6 and Safari.


Due to the reduction of the load for Digital Typhoon, this site also made a long halt today. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Typhoon Front has a new mode for viewing entries.


Typhoon Front is open to the public(Press Release).


Trackback URLs are now generated in a different manner (URI immunization). Please check the latest Trackback URL before submitting your trackback.


In terms of feeds, we provide them only in RSS 1.0, but started to provide them also in Atom 1.0.


Fixed point observation at Tokyo-NII now includes the comparison of surface observations at Tokyo Regional Meteorological Office and camera images (for 2004).


Due to our unappropriate data manipulation, we deleted a few trackbacks that we received recently, maybe within this month. I am sorry for the trouble.


We added a search box for Trackback URLs, and fixed a few bugs.


Japanese zip codes for trackback URLs are updated. Upon this opportunity, we modified the code to accomodate obsolete local government numbers and zip codes, and a few bugs are fixed.


The addition of a server to tackle with the surge of accesses caused a bug in the system, and for about three hours the system did not operate properly.


One function in the program for trackback ping raises problems too often, so I decided to remove that function. I am so sorry for inconvenience.


The system had a bug (not again!) in receiving trackback pings. I thought the code was fixed before, and I am sorry for your inconvenience.


The system had a bug in receiving trackback pings. The code was modified, and I believe it was fixed already.


Fixed point observation images by a live camera (a machinery eye) fixed on the ground are now available.


Japanese zip codes for trackback URLs are updated.


The design of the web site is reformed.


An access to this website with English is now available.


The experimental opening of the typhoon information aggregation site, "Eyes on the typhoon" is announced. Initial bugs may still be found, and I will work on fixing those bugs.


I acquired "" domain. The reason I chose the tc domain is not related to the Turks and Caicos Islands, but is related to the acronym of Tropical Cyclone, namely TC.