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Tweet Pocket (2018/10/03 22時 気象庁HPより)   2018年10月3日23時現在、大型で非常に強い台風25号(名称:コンレイ)が沖縄の南を北上しながら接近中。   また台風がやってきてます(泣 前回各地に被害をもたらした24号とほぼ同じ進路をたどる見込みだそうですが、台風の大きさや強さって、何を基準に言ってるんだろうと思ったので、ちょっと調べてみました。   台風の強さ 台風の大きさや強さは、その台風の風の強さと、風が吹く範囲で表現されてい…
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Eyephoon ( is participatory media for the aggregation, organization, and dissemination of typhoon information based on personal experiences, such as disasters happening around you. Observe the typhoon by your own eyes, and send a trackback from your blog, or send a mail from your mobile phone. A more dynamic representation of this site can be viewed at Typhoon Front, and public typhoon information is provided at Digital Typhoon. Please note that the reliability of the contents of trackbacks should be judged by yourself. [Read more...]
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