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ざわわと南南東の風、青空なり~ 気温:34度 体感湿度:やや乾~         ただ今の屋外湿度74%也… 期待した就寝中の降雨はなく、 屋外には適度な風も吹き、洗濯 日和ではあったけれど、建物は ガンガン熱せられた先週末。 内臓から冷やす、を繰り返すと 体調不良を招くので抑えても、 余りの暑さに脳が沸騰しそう。 バケツに氷水を張り、そこに足 を浸して過ごせば良かったかな。 さて週明けのサイパン島、朝か ら迷いなく青空で暑いの一言! まとまりのない白雲は大小様々 だが、とても降らせるようには...
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Eyephoon ( is participatory media for the aggregation, organization, and dissemination of typhoon information based on personal experiences, such as disasters happening around you. Observe the typhoon by your own eyes, and send a trackback from your blog, or send a mail from your mobile phone. A more dynamic representation of this site can be viewed at Typhoon Front, and public typhoon information is provided at Digital Typhoon. Please note that the reliability of the contents of trackbacks should be judged by yourself. [Read more...]
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